Spiritual Development Readings

Reading Schedule and Discussion Questions

Each Monday morning of the meeting dates please send an email with your reflections on the previous weeks' readings; your "reflections" are not a summary of the reading but a personal reflection on what the assigned reading meant to you or what you found most significant.

Alternatively, regularly scheduled EYS (Engineering Your Soul) meetings will be offered by the faculty of the College of Engineering throughout the semester. Attendance at a meeting can be substituted for an emailed reflection; please email me and let me know that you attended the meeting. Note that Chapel Credit will also be available for those in attendance. The book and the readings will be discussed at these EYS meetings.

For those who are interested, the Engineers have put together a daily Bible Reading plan with a calendar that has links to the Bible passages at Bible Gateway. The calendar takes you through the NT once per year and the OT once every two years. It is basically one OT and one NT chapter per weekday with 2 OT chapters on the weekend days. So, just 2 chapters per day.

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