CSIS 304 - Online Resources


W3schools HTML

W3schools XML

W3schools Ajax

Javascript JQuery Framework

JQuery Tutorial

JQuery Mobile Framework

Codiqa's online JQuery Mobile IDE; can be used in "demo" mode for free to build elements of an app.

Intel's XDK IDE for mobile-app development

The following links provide packages that include the Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP. These simplify installation and management of this so-called LAMP (L for Linux) "stack" for building, testing, and deploying web-based applications. You might download and install on your local machine for development. From the application's standpoint PostgreSQL and MySQL will look very similar and you can easily (and should) hide the database-dependency.

WAMP stack for Windows

Complete (L)AMP stack for a variety of OSs

UNIX command-line tutorial

UNIX in 10 minutes

SQL Tutorial

Another SQL Tutorial

PHP Manual

Great PHP Site

JavaScript Reference

The Webmaster's Reference Library: Web Site Design Tips and Tutorials

Bad Design Examples

RSS 2.0 Specification

Making an RSS Feed

RSS Feed Validator