Tim Alvey
Sun Tzu on the Art of War
4 1. Sun Tzu said: In war, practically useless.
6 "We've got an interesting debate in health care is between all parts of my army.
10 22. Carefully compare the opposing army with food. In the Old Testament, faith is often called a fief, and all of the people say that it is a radio station slogan.

Alayna Becker
The Foolish Dictionary by Gideon Wurdz 10 CULTURE A degree of wisdom that keeps one from betting on the races. HOSE Man's excuse for non-attendance at a social function.Occasionally passengers, and operated by Poles.TROUBLE Something you must keep after giving it to another.WORRY A state of poverty. From Eng. coin, and Lat. pleo, to fill.Hence, to fill with hot air.COMPLEXION Color for the privilege of tipping the children are golf orphans.WHISKY Trouble put up in a shower--or pawn-shop; but,like skating, never seen after Lent.
Part of the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT and Remarks by the Vice President at the INTEL Science Talent Search Awards Gala 6 Every time I'm inviting a hopeless dream. Tonight we are preparing forward with the French ambassador in retreat. And our plan for victory. First, we're continue to receive that some talent search. This is a proud to be done.
Vice President's Remarks at a Colorado Victory Rally 7 And there's no tax legislation renewing the speech. (Laughter.) I'll get to him in Washington, D.C. (Applause.) We're going to be back. But I'm here on behalf of the Democrats -- 88 percent. (Applause.)

John Blakeney
Random articles from The Inquirer (an online tech magazine), combined wi th Patrick Henry's famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Speech!" 4 Intel betrayed us with sweet in Q2. Nvidia prostrated; the graphics left us! We who have price chains are idle? What about the lamp of hope?
6 I've heard of a just God who will have us bound hand and mouse, because of the h oly cause of the same name.
Martin Luther King jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech, combined with an excerpt from a walkthrough for the video game Prince of Persia 8 Drop down to the South with. With this faith we will not be judged by the manacl es of segregation to the left wall and jump to grab the high plane of dignity an d discipline.

Brad Buchanan
From Sherlock Holmes, War of the Worlds, the Communist Manifesto, Relativity: The Special and General Theory by Einstein and the Wonder Book of Bible Stories 12 "'And he is admirably done. The smoke and little threads of flame going straight into the middle of the first baby in the manger. They told Mary and Joseph that he should be named and contains numerous image files for equations.
Section 2. Information about Project Gutenberg eBooks is at Midnight, Central Time, of the last day of the week; and that Sunday in the year 1878, after he had been cheated; and he cried aloud, with a bitter cry, "O, my father, my brother laid him quiet with a kick, and gripping hard at his courage.
And Joseph said to his steward: "Hasten, follow after the manner in a gravititional fields on the phenomena (e.g. of light).
"Blessed are the meek: for they shall count those happy who have no business there. Do you see?'
"This is my friend and colleague. I hate to meet her."
Then God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky, and a star or two twinkled dimly here and there we found an excited and noisy crowd of fugitives.
ADVENTURE IV. THE BOSCOMBE VALLEY MYSTERY We were seated at the places A and B, where the violent overthrow of all existing societies is the history of class struggle, from a historical development of electrodynamics was built.
Some came also to see Lazarus, whom Jesus had raised from the hall to this room."
At such times, these stars ought to appear displaced radially outwards (away from the bridge to Fulham. The red weed impeded my feet a little; but the flood evidently had enough. Most of the people shouted, "God save King Solomon."
All this time, when the magnitudes is given by the equation
while Stephen was kneeling down among the others. He said: "Master, what shall I do! I have lost four pound a week."
"Oh, yes, I know that the Philistines knew that Jews did not often speak to Samaritans, but he said to the Lord on Mount Moriah. He was speaking to the general theory of relativity.
There were thirty-six ships of fair tonnage which were upon my father."
Jesus said, "I will let you bind me, if you will find the nest empty when you call to-morrow?"
After forty days shall Nineveh be destroyed at once by high explosives, which we have found that they do not know,
[Illustration: _"Sell me your birthright" ds2 = du2 + dv2
Under these conditions without the necessity of flight.
"What the devil is it?" he asked.
"Our quest is practically ANYTHING with public domain materials, or royalty free copyright laws are changing all over.
The inaccurately named Hitchhiker's Trilogy 14 She touched his hand, and the hand was attached to a slablike hand, and the hand was attached to a clublike forearm, the forearm wasn't attached to a clublike forearm, the forearm wasn't attached to a slablike hand, and the hand was attached to anything at all. Like this Supernova Bomb."
The first non-absolute number is the number of people for whom the house was in any way special was Arthur Dent's house being consumed with fire and Arthur himself running screaming from the book."
13 "We thrive on it, my old prosthetic limb, we thrive on it, my old prosthetic limb, we thrive on it, my old prosthetic limb, we thrive on it.
Agrajag stopped in his track suit top and handed the book to Arthur.
"Dr ..." said Ford Prefect hurtling across the hills that the soap mine had been was the "wop".
There was a time anomaly and hit the large plastic shopping bag, which he now discovered how to turn excess body fat ... turns ... to ..." he paused, "... the Answer!"
"The answer?" said Deep Thought, "and yet in my teeming circuitry I can navigate the infinite distance. Max's eyes swivelled round to glance back, trying to start the thing for over ten minutes.
The black ship glided smoothly forward out of the window.
My journals since 11th grade 10 I say "No, I don't have any good ones, send them in a dream before. So I strike them in turn and one by one, they pop out of school early, and Mr. Betts gave me hurried back towards the school. I understood my first impulse was to use the extra money. The $1000 from this summer. Not that yesterday, so I went to Target and picked the age with 10 people my age?
Show me that I will see it... but it's good to know that all is not as he has seen, and Neo lets himself be 'assimilated' it's as if Neo just really wanted to. Now the servers are overloaded. I think Wynton Marsalis is way better than snow.
I went back to the movie medium, even altering some very boxy robots.
I still don't have a fiesta featuring turkeys or anything.
12 The game plays well, with a good learning curve. It's a very basic fighting system with just a few tweaks, including "Bradley's Time", a trumpet feature "Bradley's Time" (total conicidence with the name) and also a Nu Mou sage. Oh, and Montblanc is running the stairs all the way around his skull, and above it was just an Issue that I never expected too.
Pre-concert solos were apparently a 20-hour flu or something similar to a crown of thorns...

Garrett Manthei
From the US Constitution (taken off of Project Gutenberg) 9 and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish Post Offices during good behavior, and, with the Indian Tribes; To establish Justice,
ensure domestic Tranquility, preserve, protect and defend the Consent of the Senate and House of Representatives shall devolve on the Vice President and all civil Office under the "PROJECT GUTENBERG
and no Person shall work Corruption of the United States, without written permission.
From 1001 Arabian Nights (taken off of Project Gutenberg) 13 The king embraced the prince his son and I were introduced him to the lady then, said I, you have been?
conducted me into a cave; I went in, and staid there till one comes to call you, I agreed to what he proposed; and, after what I have since beenwalking without stopping.

Sam McKenzie
George W Bush's Press Conference Speech on November 8th, 2006 7 May I following all these measures we're going to help somebody in need. And I wonder what your radar screens. The challenges. I will have your interested in changing this war in the State of the man who served six President. On immigration passed, we've got to do with the new members of both parties to break our addiction to foreign oil is a national security team will meet with the level of oversight and investigation to foreign oil is a nation. If you look at race by race, but it doesn't believe the answer your question by making you took at it. It's an inside joke, I'm disappointed with the Democrats, and it requires people want to protect the challenges. I will help her pick out these issues confronting this unity govern, and so does Secretary Rumsfeld. Steve. Q Thank you. You actually, I thought we were going to the White House of Representatives
Dane Cook comedy quotes from Wikiquote 8 because look we are all sitting watching like 'Wow those are huge Indians. We're gonna be watching like 'Wow those are huge Indians, please tell me they aren't giant Indians. We're gonna be watching, right, what if one of the hatches finally open, out of the UFOs come thousand troops and maybe some supplies here do ya, DO YA MIND. You wouldn't want us to get drunk at the time and we are all sitting watching like 'Wow those are huge Indians, gosh dangit they're huge Indians, please tell me they aren't giant Indians, alright good game America, we had some fun huh.' Hi Giant Indians. We're gonna be watching TV, all the news crews are just focusing on there watching, right, what if one of the United States... What if this happens, because look we are the greatest country on Earth but we get a little drunk at the time and we didn't know it was a contained blast and we are the greatest country's doing its business, we'll kick the door in, "Hey, hey knock it off From the US Constitution (taken off of Project Gutenberg)

Kevin Waugh

Ben Wynsma
Book of Romans: 1-3 8 No, a man is a Jew if he is only one God
7 "In the same things, do you not teach other men, and reptiles."
Combination of several speeches: kerry and bush - speeches before presidency selection 7 We must forever conduct our struggle against the Hezbollah terrorists, who will not win the war against terrorism once and for all.
James 8 1:27 Pure religion is vain.