Alison Towne
Song of Songs 10 His cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O look from the mountains of the leopards.
Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor: bowels were moved for him.
Go forth, O ye daughters of Zion, and behold king Solomon made himself a chariot of the wilderness, leaning upon friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.
7 every one bear twins, and the smell of thine head upon me, because of the vines within thy locks: thy hair is as the yea, I should I be as one that I passed from the thee.
Turn away thine eyes, with apples: for pleasant art thou, O love, neither can the flocks of the lock.
My beloved, yea, pleasant art thou, O love, my fair him, but I found him not.
Stay me with flagons, comfort me with my milk: eat, O that ye stir not upon my myrrh, and thy breasts are an orchard of pomegranates budded.
Proverbs 10 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear covered the face of the wise is health. but the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth
7 Who rejoiceth the wine of lies shall abound wisdom, Thou are riches.
Remove not to be rich.
There is more exceeding wise:
Rejoicing in the grass.
Drink waters in a transgression of a lion.
Let us swallow by flying, so is therewith, and subtil of heart.

Ben Kelley
GW Bush, State of the Union Address 11 America will do what is necessary to ensure our nation is at war, our economy is in recession, and the civilized world faces unprecedented dangers. Yet the state of our union has never been stronger. (Applause.)
We will develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons
The Three Presidential Debates 10 GIBSON: Mr. President Bush and I get a tax cut when we give our word, that we succeed in Iraq. I have a plan to let you get those weapons of mass destruction and could have offered the United Nations. I didn't want to take action.
The Four Gospels 11 knock, and it shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written of him.
10:5: And Jesus said unto her, Let the children free.
15:25: Then came she and worshipped him, saying, We have piped unto you.

David Harrison
President Bush Speech 7-8 The President: Oh, Iraq, yes. Listen, I've made no decisions I make.
The President: Yes - no, no you're going to start thinking.
Romeo & Juliet 8 Romeo: By love, so gentle as a lamb. Go thy ways wench; serve God
Friar: My Lord, what says he of cutting foreign throats

John Middleton
Second presidential debate between Bush and Kerry 12 KERRY: Now, I voted the way I voted because I saw that he had. I met Grant Milliron, Mansfield, Ohio. He's creating jobs. Most small businesses begin to grow, and jobs are added. Every part of the president just say that he thought he had weapons and told everybody else because we have to.
BUSH: I'm trying to decipher that.
FARLEY: Mr. President. There's a lot of -- there's a lot of pressures. And you've got to be very carefully to make sure it cures you and doesn't kill you.
KERRY: Do you want to go first? He didn't do that. He broke that promise. We didn't have the right plan with the right troop level?"
BUSH: Yes, that's a great question. Thanks.
Clinton's address to religious leaders at the White House prayer breakfast 8 I thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the end, the words of my hands, be pleasing. I agree with those who have stood by me and who say that in my first statement after I testified I was up rather unusual for me, I actually tried to write it down. So if you will forgive me, I will instruct my lawyers to mount a vigorous defense, using all over again. And this is never easy. It means breaking old habits.
3 different transcripts: Clinton's address, a speech by Osama bin Laden in a videotape sent to Al-Jazeera television, and a speech by President Bush to the National Endowment for Democracy. 10 Communism and military dictatorship in Central America has accomplished hard tasks before. Our nation is strong; we're strong of heart. And we're working closely with Iraqi citizens of India to be "illiterates not caring a fig for political opponents. Successful societies privatize their economies, and security challenge today in the Middle East and North Korea and Zimbabwe -- outposts of oppression in our world. The people in that region have been, by the grace of Allah, positive and enormous

Ramie Mount
Second presidential debate between Bush and Kerry 10 The world is more dangerous. That's news to me. (LAUGHTER)
This president got $84 from a timber company? (LAUGHTER)
Matthew 10 Happy are the peacemakers: for they will be cruel to you
NFG-Boy Crazy Lyrics; Mentors' Hacker Manifesto; and The Creation Story 8 Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of judging people by what they look like.
I know everyone here... even if I've never met them, never talked to the glades of the world of the fruits that grow upon this strange Tree's branches.
7 Eve smiled, marveling the scales upon her as she said, "we may eat of any of the trees in the desert.

Shanna Duckett
Aritcle about Antony Flew, atheist who now believes in intelligent design 8 Flew told The Associated Press his current ideas have some similarity with American "intelligence and a purpose, I suppose."
I'm thinking of a God very different from the God of the World.
Proverbs Chapters 1-3 10 13 we shall fill our houses with spoil;
27 when your terror comes like a storm, She raises her voice in the open squares.
32 for the perverse person is an abomination to the LORD, 17 Her ways are crooked
8 20 so your barns will be sweet.
And keep to the simple ones, will you love simplicity? At the open squares.
We shall be the legacy of fools
The fear of the LORD is on the tablet of your mother;
Let us lurk secretly for the uprightly;
24 when your terror comes, Bind them around your vats
16 For the LORD is on the tablet of your head,

Nick Serrone
Cinderella children's story, MTV news about music artists, and a President Bush political speech 6 The king's only son was a truly handsome prince who tried to follow up 2003's Politics
And then there was Cinderella with the most enormous moustache
8 Once upon a time there was wonderful food, lots of parties.
9 When Cinderella arrived at the Apollo Theater in New York." Joe's labelmates Fabolous, T.I., Trick Daddy and Juvenile also had their hair in fancy waves and curls.
10 If Spears wants to be a good mom, she'll think twice before buying any daughter of hers the Hilary Duff Twinkle Toes Pedicure set from Townley Cosmetics is potentially toxic, because it contains xylene
Colonel Mustard King James Version of the Bible 12 20:18 Wherefore came I unto the people with their suburbs.