This directory contains example Java code.
this file is the cannonical "hello world" program. It's primary use is as an example and template for writing a stand-alone "main program".
this program demonstrates how to perform input by wrapping a Scanner object around the object. The "Old" version shows you how to do this in versions of Java prior to v1.5.
this program demonstrates my preferred pattern for handling command-line input from the args array in main().
this program demonstrates how to process command-line arguments and use recursion; exception-handling is also demonstrated.
is a Stack class that is built using a Vector. This example shows how one might build a data structure as well as examples of how to handle exceptions. In addition, this class includes a static main method at the end that can be used to test the data structure.
this directory holds a few classes and a test program that show how inheritance works and demonstrate some polymorphic behavior vi println() and toString(). NOTE: The code in this directory was thrown together quickly and is NOT sufficiently documented with Javadoc-type syntax. Don't expect to hand something like this in and get documentation points!
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